Colonel Joseph US diplomat cannot leave Pakistan: govt tells court

The US diplomat Colonel Joseph Emmanuel, who was involved in the killing of a Pakistani citizen in Islamabad, has been placed on blacklist, according to a report submitted to the Islamabad High Court Tuesday.

On April 7, Colonel Joseph Emmanuel, a US military and air attaché, was driving a car that hit a motorcycle in the federal capital, killing 22-year-old Ateeq Baig and injuring his cousin Raheel.

“The US diplomat cannot go outside the country as a Pakistani court is hearing his case,” said Deputy Attorney General Raja Khalid before the court.

“All airports have been informed that the US diplomat has been put on blacklist.”

The government law officer told the court that the travel restrictions for a person blacklisted or placed on the ECL are similar.

Raja Khalid submitted the federal government’s report, containing the notification to the court.

“It is due to diplomatic immunity that the US attaché cannot be arrested or tried. And, it is a long process to put him on the exit control list,” said the deputy attorney general.

The court advised the diplomat to consult a counsel. “It is essential to interrogate the accused – whether in Pakistan or the US,” said the court.

The court adjourned for ten days.

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