Committee to probe Talal Chaudhry & Ayesha Rajab Baloch Incident

FAISALABAD: A four member committee has been set up to probe into the incident involving PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry and MNA Ayesha Rajab Baloch.

Talal Chaudhry, Ayesha Rajab Baloch
Committee to probe Talal Chaudhry & Ayesha Rajab Baloch Incident.

The four member committee has been instructed to submit a report within three days after recording statements from Talal Chaudhry and Ayesha Rajab Baloch.

According to reports, Talal Chaudhry harassed Ayesha Rajab Baloch after which he was tortured and beaten up by the woman MNA’s brother resulting in several injuries including a broken arm.

However, the former MNA Chaudhry took to Twitter saying that this news was not based on facts and requested media to hold off from reporting until he issues a detailed statement regarding the matter.

He further stated that the entire incident had nothing to do with MNA Ayesha Rajab Baloch and requested media to create any misunderstandings regarding the issue.

However, his tweets contradicts his own statement recorded on video where Talal Chaudhry was heard saying that he was called to discuss matters related to the party and beaten up with his mobile snatched from him.

The matter is still unclear as to what actually happened and Talal Chaudhry has not yet issued the detailed statement as promised which is to be expected as the former MNA was hospitalized after the incident.

However, there have been no statement from MNA Ayesha Rajab Baloch as well to clarify at least one side of the story. We will have to wait until at least a side comes out regarding the matter or the report is presented by the committee formed to probe into the incident.

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