Contract of Service Road (North) of Sector E-12 Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has awarded the Contract for Service Road (North) of Sector E-12 in Islamabad and directed the Contractor to mobilize all machinery by Sunday.

On the instructions of CDA, the contractor has set up a site office in Sector E-12 and work would be started in a couple of days.

The tender for the Service Road (North) of Sector E-12 was published in the newspaper. On September 12, 2019, in response of which 16 construction companies participated in the bidding. M/s Shabir Ahmed & Brothers gave the lowest bid which was 30% below the estimated cost Rs.139.228 million. After fulfillment of codal formalities and approval from competent forum contract awarded to the lowest bidding company as offered 97.107 (million) rupees

The contractor will not only construct the entire service road (North) dualize, but also scoop of work including 3 Nos culvert and drainage network on this road in the first step, because of the full development of Sector E-12 at the 45th meeting of CDA-DWP has already been approved the PC-I amounting to Rs.6630.2 million, by which all the infrastructure of Sector E-12, including electrification.

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It is pertinent to mention here that sector E-12 remained stalled for three (03) decades due to which the plot allottees were facing difficulties. Incumbent management of the Authority, after prioritizing the development of Sector E-12 not only carried out massive operations to vacate land from illegal occupants but also completed codal formalities during a short time spam and approved the Rs.6630.2 million PC-I, due to continuous and efficient efforts, construction of Service Road (North) has been made possible, and construction work will start in the next few days.

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