Coronavirus cases in Pakistan surge to 2637 with 40 deaths

The total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan have surged to 2,637 with over 200 cases emerging in a single day while 6 more fatalties have brought the death toll to 40 and is rising every day.

Coronavirus Cases in pakistan COVID-19 Sindh Punjab Gilgit Baltistan United States Italy Spain France
Coronavirus cases in Pakistan surge to 2637 with 40 deaths.

Sindh has reported three deaths today and the news was confirmed by Health Minister Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho. Two of the patients were residents of Karachi and both had underlying health conditions.

One of these patients was 60 years old with heart problems and was placed on ventilator while the other was 82 years old and had renal issues.

The third coronavirus deaths in Sindh today was reported in Hyderabad of a 54 year old patient who had contracted the virus through local transmission and also had neurological disorder making his condition even worse. This brings total death toll of Sindh to 14.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reported two more deaths, one each from Swat and Mansehra while one death was reported from Gilgit Baltistan of a elderly patient according to the Information Minister Shams Mir.

Here is a province wise breakdown of all coronavirus cases in Pakistan as of 12:00 pm on 4 April 2020.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan (province breakdown)

ProvinceNumber of casesDeaths
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa34311
Gilgit Baltistan1903

Global Update

The total coronavirus cases globally have crossed 1,083,500 with over 58,000 deaths and the number is rising rapidly with over 20% of the cases are just in the United States alone.

United States accounts for over 266,500 COVID-19 cases which is the highest of any country in the world and this number is rising very rapidly and more than 22,000 cases are being registered every day in the country.

The United States death toll for COVID-19 has reached 6,803 with almost 11 deaths being recorded in a single day and the this number is probably going to rise.

Italy has the second highest number of coronavirus cases in the world with over 119,827 cases while having the highest death toll at 14,681 with over 900 deaths being reported consecutively for the last 2 days.

Spain has the third highest number of COVID-19 cases globally with over 117,500 cases and also the second highest death toll at 10,935 fatalities and the number is rising rapidly.

These numbers mentioned above are changing and rising by the minute however, Italy and Spain have seen a decline in the number of overall new cases every day although they are still in the thousands.

France has the fourth highest death toll with 6,507 however this is extremely high compared to other as the number of cases in France is just over 64,000 which is way below that of the US, Italy or Spain.

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