Coronavirus cases in Pakistan – Update [30 May 2020]

The total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan have surged to 69,253 while the country’s death toll has reached 1,479. There were 2,895 cases reported on Saturday (30 May 2020) along with 85 fatalities across the country.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan
Coronavirus cases in Pakistan – Update [30 May 2020].

Sindh reported 38 fatalities in the province according to the daily coronavirus update issued by the Provincial Health and Population Welfare Department. Things brings the provincial death toll to 465.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department reported eight more fatalities according to the coronavirus update for 30 May 2020. This brings total deaths in the province up to 453.

Balochistan did not report any new confirmed deaths in the province according to the Daily Situation Report issued by the Balochistan Health Department. Four more probable deaths were reported along with several cases.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan
Balochistan Daily Situation Report (30 May 2020) Graph showing confirmed and probable deaths.

Islamabad also did not report any more fatalities according to the District Health Office Islamabad. Several new cases were reported in the Capital Territory.

Punjab hasn’t issued an update for 30 May 2020. Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) issues its detailed report in the morning now and the report from the Health Department is always a day old. For now, this post contains the last reported figures by PDMA and will be updated once a new report is issued.

Punjab reported 36 lives lost to coronavirus according to the report issued by Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) This brings provincial death toll to 475.

Gilgit Baltistan reported three more fatalities bringing the regional death toll to 11 according to the Daily Situation Report issued by the GB Health Department.

There was one more fatality reported in Azad Jammu and Kashmir according to the Government of Pakistan’s official coronavirus dashboard at This brings the death toll in the region to six.

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Here is province wise breakdown of coronavirus cases in Pakistan as of 12:00am on 31 May 2020.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan (Province Breakdown)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa9540453
Gilgit Baltistan67811

Global Update

The total number of coronavirus cases globally have crossed 6 million while the death toll has topped 368,500. Here are the top 10 most affected countries with a their coronavirus figures as of making this post:

United States1,806,520105,063
Top 10 most affected countries.

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