Coronavirus: CM Murad Ali Shah closes Sindh for 15 days, 3bn relief fund

SINDH: The Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah has made some important announcements to close down the province of Sindh for 15 days amid the growing ‘coronavirus’ outbreak in the province.

The CM Sindh has announced to close down the province for 15 days starting tomorrow due to coronavirus.

To control the spread of the virus, all restaurants, malls, shopping centers will be closed.

Takeaways and deliveries will be open. Grocery and medical stores will be open to the public.

Intercity transportation (buses) will also shut down. The Government offices are expected to be closed as well probably by Thursday, the notification for which will be issued as well.

Section 144 will be imposed on all public gatherings, like parks, beaches, etc.

Murad Ali Shah makes some important announcements

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For the safety of people of Sindh

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, who has been very active since the coronavirus outbreak has taken the decision to close down the province for the safety of the people and to control the outbreak.

Rs. 3 Billion Coronavirus Relief Fund

The Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah also announced Rs. 3 Billion Coronavirus relief Fund on Tuesday.

The grade 21 officers of the Government of Sind will be donating half of their salaries.

Grade 17 – 20 officers will donate 10% of their salaries.

Grade 1 -16 will donate 5% of their salaries.

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