Sindh Cabinet passes COVID-19 Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020

KARACHI: The Sindh Cabinet has passed the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020 for people affected from the pandemic according to Senator Murtaza Wahab.

Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020
Sindh Cabinet passed the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020.

The Ordinance makes sure to protect employees during these hard times including tenants living on rented property and cannot afford to pay rent on time.

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Senator Murtaza Wahab took to Twitter to announce the passing of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020 and wrote:

Ordinance passed by Sindh Cabinet is meant to address extraordinary situation that we are in. It guarantees employees don’t get fired & get their salaries, utility bills to a certain extent have been exempted, schools have been directed to give 20% discount due to lesser overheads

Sindh is taking every action it can to help the citizens including giving Tenants time to pay rent as they cannot be evicted during this time.

The Ordinance makes sure that schools don’t charge the full tuition and include the 20 percent discount as preciously discussed.

Since many businesses are closed, employers are laying off unnecessary workforce to cut expenses which the Ordinance goes against stating no worker shall be laid off during this time.

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