Development work started in E-12 Sector Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: In order to launch development in stalled E-12 Sector work on the preparation of tender documents for the development of two (02) sub-sectors has been started so that the development work in the sector could be completed.

Development work started in E-12 Sector Islamabad
Development work started in E-12 Sector Islamabad

Work on Service Road (North), Sector E-12 has gained momentum as filling and cutting work on the road has been completed while earthwork on the road is at final stages. Sub-base work is in progress on the portion of the road where earthwork has been completed after that carpeting work would be started. Prior to start construction of culverts samples of the soil that have been sent to the Laboratory for soil testing/analysis after reports in this regard which are likely to be received during the current week, construction work on the culverts would be initiated. In order to shift electricity polls in the alignment of service road (north) concerned formation is in contact with IESCO. After shifting of polls work on the service road (north) would be further expedited so that construction of the road could be completed within the stipulated time period.

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Development work started in E-12 Sector Islamabad
Development work started in E-12 Sector Islamabad

Construction of the Service Road (North) would be completed at cost Rs.97.107 million while for the complete development of the stalled Sector E-12, CDA-DWP has already approved PC-I amounting to Rs.6630.2 millions. Under this PC-I complete road infrastructure including major roads, service roads, water supply networks, drainage systems, street lights and other facilities would be ensured.

It is pertinent to mention here that Sector E-12 which was stalled since more than three (03) decades and nearly a year ago no development was in sight, however, incumbent management not only removed all hurdles but also started construction of this road and now work on preparation of tender documents of Sector E-12 is in progress. The concerned formation has been directed to further expedite the work on Service Road (North) so that after completing the road, development activities in two sub-sectors of the sector E-12 could be initiated.

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