We Stand By Kashmiris DG ISPR Press Conference

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor addressing the press conference has said “We stand by Kashmiris and will continue to do so.

Addressing the press conference on the Kashmir issue said Modi a follower of Hitler is in power there. The world community has an economic interest in India which cannot be ignored.

Currently the fascist and extremist ideology exist in India which killed Gandhi, martyered Babri Masjid, mass killing of Muslims in Gujrat and people are forced to convert to Hinduism.

All the minorities of India including Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits are victims of this fascist ideology. There is no religious or social freedom there.

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Pakistan Avoided Escalation

DG ISPR also said since the Prime Minister Imran Khan took office he extended an offer for dialogue. India returned the offer with two warplanes. He also said we have been avoiding escalation as nuclear power countries have no room for war.

Major General Asif Ghafoor clearly said to India ” We want to tell India that wars are not only fought with weapons and economy but with patriotism, the trust of people and competency of the forces. Indian should remember 27th February.

Kashmir is our jugular vein

He said it is the vision of The Quaid-i-Azam’s vision and our belief that Kashmir is our jugular vein. He also recalled United Nations resolution on the conflict of Kashmir.

Recently the Modi Government repealed Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, The life in Kashmir is in a standstill.

For the first time in fifty years the UN Security Council held session on Kashmir.

PM Imran Khan and foreign minister has raised the Kashmir issue with several heads of several nations and foreign ministers and as a result, the Kashmir Issue has internationalized.

Indian Intention for a War

India’s act in the occupied Kashmir is a real indication of it’s intention for a new war.

DG ISPR warned Indian that if a false-flag operation or violation of the Line of Control happens then Pakistan Army is prepared to give a reply. Indian should remember 27th February and if it repeats same move again then Squadron Leader Hasan and Wing Commander Noman are ready.

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Message For The Brave Kashmiris

In this fight for the freedom, we stand by you. We breath with you. For seventy-two-years you have faced the atrocities of Indian. Your struggle for freedom has been named terrorism. We salute your patience.

We understand your difficulties, we have stood by you , we stand with you and will standy by you always.

“Kashmir is our jugular vein and we will go to any length to protect it.”

DG ISPR Press Conference

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