DIG Islamabad suspends police constable caught taking bribe

ISLAMABAD: DIG Operations Islamabad has suspended police constable who was caught taking bribe at zero point.

A video of him taking bribe appeared on social media, where it can clearly be seen the police constable taking bribe from a bus driver.

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The video was shared on social media early in the afternoon on Saturday. The video captioned “claims of Islamabad Police being exemplary have gone with the wind, police officer duty stationed at zero point seen taking bribe from a bus driver.

اعلی افسران کی جانب سے اسلام آباد پولیس کے مثالی ہونے کے دعوے ہوا کی نظر ہو گئے،،،،زیرو پوائنٹ ناکے پر تعینات پولیس اہلکار بس ڈرائیور سے رشوت وصول کرتے ہوئے،،،

After the video was shared the DIG Operations Islamabad took immediate action and suspended the police constable.

He also tweeted on social media and informed ” The DIG Operations immediately suspended the police constable at the block and directed the SP City to investigate the matter and submit a report within 24 hours. DIG Operations have no place in the employees’ department”

Another tweet stated

Constable Umair posted at Zero point picket took bribe from a citizen.
He is immediately suspended and SP City directed to initiate proceedings against him.
Examplary punishment will be given to those involved in corrupt practices.

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The immediate action taken to suspend the police constable is being praised by the public.

The constable should be punished, that is what is being suggested.

Someone also suggested the bus driver offering the bribe also needs to be punished.

Another tweet suggested

He will be suspended and then on court Order will be reinstated with all benefits. The concept of Permanent Job has to change otherwise you can never stop Corruption. Job can only be permanent till you Perform well.

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