Digital Pakistan Campaign to be inaugurated by PM Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is aimed at bringing the latest technologies to Pakistan for public welfare through it’s Government’s Digitization programme. As a part of this programme Prime Minister Imran Khan is said to be inaugurating the ‘Digital Pakistan‘ Campaign today.

Digital Pakistan Campaign
Prime Minister Imran Khan

Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) was tasked with the Digital Pakistan campaign and to make all correspondence between any government offices digital. Three months were given to the IT ministry to carry out the task. All previous correspondence between offices was done on paper. This will be a big step towards making the government sector digital. This Digital Pakistan campaign will help make that happen.

The inauguration ceremony for the Digital Pakistan Campaign will be taking place at the Prime Minister’s Office in Islamabad

Jahangir Tareen said back in September that the government had appointed a former Google executive to carry out the task of digitizing the government set by the PMO. According to him it was hard to find her and convince her to head the project from Pakistan. The Google executive was said to be in Singapore at the time.

Jahangir said:

She is leaving Google. In fact, she has left it and she is moving to Pakistan and will lead the digitisation initiative from PMO,

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