E-Challan System Launched in Islamabad

Islamabad Police Department on 7th April 2021 has launched a modernized E-Challan system under Safe City Project, to upgrade the traffic rules and regulations in the capital. With this initiative, the police force aims to ensure an appropriate and controlled road environment in Islamabad, as well as the safety of individuals.

E Challan Islamabad
E Challan system launched in Islamabad

“Traffic Violation Reporting System” (E-challan) is an Android-based mobile application, announced in Punjab, which helps the Traffic Police in authenticating the license status of a person who has violated the traffic laws. The program was initially introduced in Lahore, followed with E-challan Islamabad implementation later.

This updated system of traffic control in Islamabad was brought into consideration few months back, owing to which a three-month campaign was also introduced to inform citizens about this new e-ticketing system. Other than that, on account of E-challan Islamabad program, digital cameras were also installed throughout the streets of the capital.

E-Challan system Islamabad

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman, in a ceremony held on Wednesday, 7th April 2021, launched this updated Electronic challan or E-challan system in Islamabad. The ceremony was attended among others by DIG (Operations, DIG (Security), SSP (|Traffic), Director IT and senior officials of Islamabad police.

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Familiarizing the citizen with this challan system, The IGP stated that the system was introduced to update the traffic conditions in the federal capital, with fair distribution of fines in case of traffic rules violation. As said by him, the installed cameras would capture the violation act of traffic rules committed in any part of the city and challan/fine ticket would be dispatched at the house of the violators.  Moreover, the violators would have to pay a fine amount within ten days otherwise his motorbike or vehicle would be impounded in police stations.

The E-Challan Islamabad includes over speeding, signal jumping, line and lane, one way, without lights, rash driving, excessive smoke, mobile phone usage, not wearing seat-belt and helmet. Also, it is directly linked to Safe City and Excise and taxation offices, to ensure proper application.

Furthermore, to make this mode of challan convenient for the citizens, various payment methods were also considered. Owing to that, the fine can easily be paid through JS Bank, Jazz cash, mobile accounts and other digital means.

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