6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Islamabad, KPK and Punjab

ISLAMABAD: Heavy jolts of earthquake is being reported from different parks of Pakistan which includes Islamabad, KPK, and different parts of Punjab.

According to reports magnitude of 6.1 was felt 173km NW of Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Magnitude 4.5 jolts were recorded in different parts of Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

The epicenter of the earthquake was felt in India and Pakistan.

Jolts were felt in Azad Kashmir as well.

People have already started sharing their experience on Social Media

The strongest #earthquake I’ve felt in Islamabad in a long time – lasted a while. Hope everyone is safe and not too much damage done.

I am feeling massive and constant earthquake shocks as the floor& walls of my Islamabad apartment literally swaying… #earthquake

People coming out to safety

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