Ehsaas Emergency Cash Distribution Update [4 July 2020]

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program has successfully completed its distribution of Rs. 193.96 billion to over 12 million beneficiaries completing its original target set.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash
Ehsaas Emergency Cash Distribution Update (4 July 2020).

Under this program beneficiaries are eligible to get a financial aid of Rs. 12,000 as one time assistance. The program was specifically launched for families and daily wagers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

After the success of the first phase Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced the Corona Relief Fund where public donated were taken and return for the amount donated by the public PM Khan promised four times the amount to be donated by the Government.

Under the second phase specifically those people are being aided who have lost their jobs and livelihood as an impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program has completed its original target of distribution of funds to over 12 million beneficiaries, the government has set a new target of 16.163 billion beneficiaries.

Province/RegionBeneficiariesAmount (PKR)
Punjab5,547,709Rs. 67,156.44325
Sindh3,723,230Rs. 44,902.75025
KP2,131,284Rs. 25,874.507
Balochistan625,934Rs. 7,604.1685
AJK202,464Rs. 2,473.74075
GB88,429Rs. 1,081.15825
Islamabad65,193Rs. 787.1335
TOTAL12,384,243Rs. 149,879.90

If you have applied for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program and want an update on your application process you can check that using the official portal. More information can be found on our post HERE.

Furthermore Ehsaas is also working on providing food to the needy. Under the Ehsaas Langar Program over 7 Langars have been setup to provide meals two times a day to 1,200 people each. The latest Ehsaas Langar has been setup in Peshawar.

This is a list of all Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programs:

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