Entry of Unregistered Vehicles will not be permitted in Islamabad

Islamabad Traffic Police has announced that vehicles without license plates  unregistered (Applied For)  will not be allowed in the capital city of Islamabad. The last dated is 15th April 2017, after which , unregistered vehicles without original license plates  will not be permitted in the capital city – Excise Department Islamabad

Islamabad Traffic Police has already started 15 days awareness drive. Police have already started issuing warning slips to vehicles using ‘applied for’, fancy and improper number plates.

Islamabad Police shared a video

Incase if you have purchased a new vehicle make sure to get it registered within 15 days otherwise Islamabad Traffic Police will take the action against the owner and the vehicle.

Earlier this same campaign was launched in Lahore city following the footsteps of Excise & Taxation Department Government of Sindh where fancy plates and applied for registration vehicles are not allowed to be driven on the road it is essential to get them registered and obtain the original number plates in the province of Sindh.

INCPak has reminded Islamabad Excise Department of the Islamabad Vehicle Verification Online – The system is down since September 2016 and still hasn’t been fixed yet, let’s hope and pray that the step of Unauthorized Vehicles will be taken seriously by the Department and be followed and properly managed otherwise the step being taken will be in vain.

The step is being taken as a security measure for the public, the step taken by ITP is appreciated and from the platform of INCPak we appeal to the people of Islamabad to cooperate with ITP and get your vehicles properly registered from the Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad before 15th April 2017.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has taken notice of increased use of ‘applied for registration’  number plates and have asked the authorities to look into the matter as it increases the security risk.

The vehicle owners use ‘applied for registration’ and go on for number of years without proper registered number plates. Those of you with fancy number plates and some of you might have your names in place of number plates, please grow up and get a proper and authorized number plates from the excise and taxation department. Make sure the number plates are computerized.

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