Excise & Taxation Authority has issued the notification to crack down all the unregistered heavy bikes roaming on the road and no show no mercy.

It has been reported that Excise & Taxation Teams will be appointed on the spots where heavy bikers are usually gathering in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Usually, it is the Saturday Night & Sunday Morning till Sunday Evening.

Excise & Taxation Authority to Take action Unregistered heavy Bikes
Department has already listed out the spots. Heavy bikes, which are unregistered or with non-compliance registration plates will be compounded/confiscated and heavy fines will be imposed.

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In discussion with the senior representative of the Excise & Taxation Department, it was revealed that plans are made to stop the use of unregistered heavy bikes on roads. Teams will also be appointed on road before the “Auto Shows”, as it attracts most of the bikers to visit and ride their unregistered bikes to events.

So if you plan to take your superbike on road, make sure it is registered and number plates are as per the law requirements.

Report by Superbikes in Pakistan


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