Exotic Birds died in Danzoo Park Fire in Bahria Town Karachi

KARACHI: A very unfortunate and horrific incident has been reported. DanZoo Park in Bahria Town Karachi is on fire.

The fire erupted today at the DanZoo Park Bahria Town Karachi. The fire has reportedly engulfed etire area.

As reported a large number of exotic birds have fallen prey to the hungry and ferocious fire. Many birds have died and a number of birds been injured by the fire.

Video clip of the rescue operation has emerged showing the rescue team working to save the birds.

The bird cages which house a number of exotic species imported from across the world over to Danzoo now have lost many innocent creatures.

The rescue operation is underway.

The Bahria Town Karachi DanZoo is housed with a huge variety of wild animals and exotic birds. The animals and birds are all imported from different parts of the world.

Bahria Town Karachi, DanZoo also has a huge lake and boat club and water cycle ride option is also available.

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