Fake Notification regarding opening of liquor shops in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A fake notification has been circulating on social media since yesterday regarding the reopening of wine and liquor shops in Islamabad specifically mentioning three hotels in the capital city which include Marriot, Serena and Best Western.

Fake notification liquor shops
DC Islamabad confirmed fake notification regarding reopening of wine and liquor shops in Islamabad.

Although the notification appears to be real and issued from an official source, the Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat has confirmed that this is a fake notification.

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This fake notification regarding reopening of wine and liquor shops in Islamabad stated:

It is hereby directed that the liquor shops in your’s respective hotels may be opened with immediate effect till further orders

Moreover, necessary arrangements may be made regarding protection of staff / visitor and also ensure maintenance of social distancing.

The notification was shared on Twitter with account by the name of “Islamabad” although paying close attention, the Twitter handle of the account had misspelling of the word and was written as “@Islaamabad” with in extra “a” in between.

The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad shared the tweet with the fake notification and confirmed that the account and the orders issued were not real.

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