Farzana Jamali Still Waiting for Justice

Farzana Jamali, who boldly took a stand against the head of Amir Khattak, Head of Department at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University’s English Department, is still waiting for justice.

Following her protest and her press conference lot has happened but Farzana Jamali is still waiting for justice.

They seems not very happy with Farzana Jamali. He has gathered all students of the university and is been seen ordering them to change their Display Pictures on Social median in his support. He can be seen with a black band on his arm. He is heard inciting hate speech.

Farzana Jami’s father is still in the lock up while the culprit who harassed the student out on bail.

An enquiry committee has been set up which comprises of :

  1. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Rajput
  2. Aawan Sher
  3. Sohail Anwar Baloch

The committee formed comprises of all male members. The committee must have someone from women protection cell or member of NGO fighting against women harassment.

Azra Fazal Pechuhohe sister of Asif Zardari

There are doubts regarding the committee, as the VC is still holding his position in the university and that he is backed by Azra Fazal Pechuhohe  sister of Asif Zardari. Apparently they will not do anything to ruin the reputation of the University.

Inquiry Committee 

Inquiry Committee

Farzana Jamali, I can feel how lonely you must be feeling right now, but dear student stay bold and stay strong. Fight till you win.

Ejaz Ahmed Tweet

There are lot of people who stand with you. This one tweet speaks a thousand words.

I request all the concerned government departments in the country to take keen interest in the issue, if Farzana Jamali is not given justice today, tomorrow there will be more daughters like her.

I also request all the girl students of the nation to come out and stand by Farzana Jamali. This is not just Farzana Jamalis fight. This is the fight for the women’s pride, her independence and her right to get education.



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