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Fazal ur Rehman calls Army, CJ and ECP anti-Pakistan [Video]

Islamabad: In a rally held by All Parties Conference against the alleged rigging during 25 July elections, JUI-F Chairman Moulana Fazal ur Rehman criticized judiciary, army, establishment, ECP and foreign powers for tilting the mandate in favour of Imran Khan’s PTI.

He started his speech by rejecting the election and calling the protest a continuation and dedication to democracy and supremacy of Constitution of Pakistan. He claimed that the mandate of people has been stolen.

Calling it a message to judiciary, army and establishment, he alleged that these institutes helped win PTI. Election Commission of Pakistan was declared “not our election commission”.

He called Imran Khan a “fake prime minister” and vowed to not let him take his oath while challenging establishment that their plans won’t be fulfilled.

Moulana said that 14th August of this year can not be celebrated as independent day as we are not free. He further added that the APC doesn’t not and will not recognize the “government of some powers”.

Fazal ur Rehman said that army has to stop supporting fake mandate and if they keep doing so, they will be not be considered as Pakistan’s army. He said the army should consider whether they want confrontation with the people of Pakistan or not.

Lastly he announced protests in all provincial capitals in front of respective election commission offices for the sake of independence, democracy and Islamic Republic while claiming that Pakistan is none of these now.