Female severed legs found in trash at Nishtar Colony Lahore

LAHORE: Two female severed legs were found in a trash container at Nishtar Colony in Lahore by sanitary workers during their routine garbage pickup.

Nishtar Colony Lahore
Two female severed legs found at Nishtar Colony in Lahore.

After discovering the two female severed legs in the trash container, the incident was immediately reported to the Nishtar Colony police by the district government who took the legs into custody and started an investigation into the matter.

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After the sending the legs to the morguq, the police formed a team to trace down the women and even recorded statements of the city district government workers and the locals regarding the incident.

Nishtar Colony Lahore

The police is investigating all the CCTV footage available leading up to the garbage container where the body was found and if the rest of the woman’s body is not found, they will perform a forensic examination of the legs.

The Nishtar colony police has informed patrolling teams across the city to contact them in case they find any female body parts and they are now looking into all missing person reports during the last week to find some relation to the two female severed legs found.

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