FM Qureshi: Pakistan seeks dignified return of Afghan refugees

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi addressed the Refugee Summit Islamabad on the 40 year of hosting of Afghan refugees.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi at the Refugee Summit Islamabad.

FM Qureshi said that peace and stability in Pakistan would continue to support Afghan owned and Afghan leg peace process.

According to the Foreign Minister, Pakistan has hosted around five million refugees from Afghanistan and right now there are three million registered and unregistered Afghan refugees currently residing in the country.

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He said that all refugees are hoping that peace will restore in their own country so that they could move back there.

According to him the relations between the two countries have provided the drive and strength necessary to host millions of Afghan refugees.

FM Qureshi continued saying that international support and cooperation was required now more than ever before and that caring was a shared responsibility.

The Minister urged the world to help Pakistan to provide basic necessities to Afghan refugees so that they could live a dignified life.

Afghan second Vice President Danish Sarwar was also present at the Summit and said that Afghanistan is thankful to Pakistan for helping these refugees in time of need.

He said that Pakistan has been a true ally and like a brother in the time of need saying that they cannot forget how Pakistan welcomed Afghan refugees into the country.

He also said that Afghanistan’s government wants these refugees to return but for that, the war in Afghanistan needs to end.

The UN  High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi addressed the conference as well saying that the way Pakistan has helped its neighbor is admirable.

He also said that all of this comes at a cost and a huge impact to the economy, infrastructure and security adding that international support on the matter of Afghan refugees was still insufficient and needed improvement.

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