Foreign preacher test positive for covid-19, 2 mosques sealed in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Two mosques have been sealed in Islamabad after the authorities found one of the foreign preacher tests positive for COVID-19.

The foreign preacher was part of Tableeghi Jamat from Kyrgystan. The coronavirus patient has been shifted to PIMS.

Thirteen of his companions have been quarantined.

The mosques in which they had their stays are now vacated and sealed by the authorities.

The Deputy Commissioner Islamabad M. Hamza Shafqaat took to twitter and said:

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Disinfecting the mosque. Terrible lapse and criminal carelessness on part of the Khateeb and Tableeghi jamat. They knew that one of them had symptoms and they kept on roaming around

Today, AC @iasadullah_pas and NIH team shifted a covid-19 positive patient to PIMS. The patient was a tableeghi from Kyrgyzstan. His companions, 13 in total, have been quarantined. They were here for preaching. The mosques in which they were staying have been sealed.

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The Deputy Commissioner also informed the two mosques are being disinfected and showed his disappointment on the behaviour of the preachers.

He also said the Khateeb and Tableeghi Jamat knew one of them was infected but they kept on going.

The Tablighi Jamat people don’t seem to stop. They seem less concerned with the growing threat of the novel coronavirus.

The tweet shared by M.F Alam below shows the Tablighi Jamat getting settled in Sector I-11 in Islamabad.

People in Islamabad have taken the spread of coronavirus seriously, the streets and the shopping centers are empty now.

While public gathering have been suspended the activities of the Tablighi Jamats seem to have no effect.

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