Freestyle to miss out on PMWL 2020 due to PUBG ban

Freestyle a PUBG Mobile team from Pakistan is not allowed to play at the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 due to the current PUBG ban in the country.

Freestyle PMWL 2020 PUBG Ban
Freestyle to miss out on PMWL 2020 due to PUBG ban.

The news was confirmed by Team Freestyle leader FS Black on his Instagram who was told by PUBG officials on Discord about the team being unable to play at the tournament because of current government regulations regarding the game.

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The message shared by Freestyle team leader reads:

Unfortunately, the team won’t be allowed to play in the PMWL as long as the game is banned in Pakistan. We are very sorry for this, but we cannot go against the government’s laws. The team will still receive weekly attendance prize money even if you are not playing. Let’s hope the government unbans the game as soon as possible.

Originally the team was planning on playing in the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 via use of VPN however, they were informed by PUBG officials that use of VPN will be prohibited in the tournament therefore the team is sitting this out.

Freestyle PMWL 2020 PUBG Ban
Message shared by FS Black, team Freestyle leader.

This ban is destroying the ESports industry in Pakistan and many agree as there have been numerous petitions filed in the Sindh High Court and Islamabad High Court against the ban.

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  1. this decision by pakistan govt is not good why Pakistan is so hunger country . Pakistan will never be a developed country in the world due to his cruel system

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