Some good news regarding PUBG ban in Pakistan

There might be some good news regarding the PlayersUnkown’s Battleground or PUBG ban in Pakistan according to the team Freestyle leader FS Black who have been denied participation in the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 because of the PTA decision.

PUBG Ban FS Black Freestyle
Some good news regarding PUBG ban in Pakistan.

Earlier Pakistan’s Freestyle was kept from playing in the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 tournament by PUBG Officials on the grounds that it cannot go against government regulations in the country.

UPDATE 14 July: PUBG ban in Pakistan – Update from IHC hearing.

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The PMWL 2020 is a big tournament with a winning price of 50,000 USD and Freestyle was the first Pakistan team representing the country in the international tournament.

Now, according to an update by FS Black, PTA officials have contacted the Freestyle team and asked for the PMWL schedule and the team leader hopes that there will be some good news.

The exact message shared states:

Got a call from a PTA official and we’re in touch. They’ve asked for the PMWL schedule. Let’s hope for some good news soon.

PUBG Ban FS Black Freestyle
Update from Freestyle team leader FS Black regarding the ban.

Several people have filed a petition against the PUBG ban in Pakistan including Pakistan TV host Waqar Zaka arguing that this move will destroy Pakistan’s future in ESports and will result in loss of opportunities for the youth.

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