Government to Provide Shelter to Needy and Homeless

Islamabad: As Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has stated that his government will focus on the betterment of the needy and poor, he committed and he is following his dreams.

The Government now is working on a new project to facilitate the poor, needy and homeless people of Pakistan.

Government to Provide Shelter to Needy and Homeless


Prime Minister Imran Khan’ has said the project will aim at providing shelter to needy people who are forced to spend nights on roads and footpaths.

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The first project will be initiated and built in Lahore on state land, he said on Tuesday talking to a delegation of World Memon Organization in Islamabad. The shelter will be a temporary shelter and two-time meals will also be provided.

The Prime Minister talking to the delegation also said that such kind of project can be started in the city of Karachi by the well-off people.

Homeless Young People
Homeless Young People

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Memon community’s experience and capacity for the development and progress of the country and improvement of the social sector will benefit the government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also acknowledged and praised the Memon Community for the services in the social sector and for the development and progress of Pakistan.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan was congratulated for assuming the office of the Prime Minister by the delegation and said that his leadership is a ray of hope not only for Pakistan but for the whole Ummah.

Three million Memon community spreads across the globe. The Memon community is adamant on playing its due role in materializing Prime Minister’s vision for New Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was given assurance by the delegation that Memon community is with the government for the construction of five million housing units as well apart from supporting health, education, and social sectors.

The community will also present a plan to the government for the establishment of incubation centers to promote information technology in the country.

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