SARGODHA: In another tragic incident of honor killing, a nine-year-old boy has shot dead his aunt named Kanwal Parveen in a village of Sargodha for marrying by her own choice.

Honor killing Sargodha, Honor Killing, 9 year old kills aunt
Honor killing: 9-year-old boy murders aunt in Sargodha.

The nine-year-old shot dead his aunt Kanwal Parveen in an act of ‘honor killing’ in Sargodha because she married out of her own free will 10 years ago, even before the boy was born.

According to the police, the boy’s family taught him how to use the gun to kill his paternal aunt for honor over something that happened a decade ago.

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Kanwal Parveen was a resident of 104 North village in Sargodha and had married out of her own free will 10 years ago, something that was never accepted by her family.

The victim’s family invited her to celebrate the birth of her nephew at their home when her other nephew, a nine-year-old boy shot her dead for honor on the instructions of the family.

According to Saddar police station house officer (SHO) said in a statement about the incident:

It is very likely that his family informed him about his aunt and how she opted to marry by her choice. That’s why, the boy shot his aunt dead

This is truly a tragic incident of honor killing and the parents of the boy deserved to be punished with the maximum extent of the law not only for the murder of Kanwal Parveen but using a nine-year-old boy to commit such an atrocity.

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