Hot and dry weather no threat of heat wave in Karachi

Heat wave in Karachi Met Department Authorities in Karachi have issued a health alert, advising citizens to remain indoors and drink lots of water due to rising temperatures in the metropolitan.

Despite temperatures hitting almost 40C in Karachi, the Meteorological Department said Tuesday that there is no imminent threat of a heat wave in Karachi

“Temperatures will gradually soar. And, the weather will remain as usual in the next two months,” said Pakistan Meteorological Department Regional Director Shahid Abbas said.

Heat Exhaustion – Heat Stroke Symptoms and Treatment

“citizens need not worry as there is no threat of heat wave in Karachi.”

Although the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has not issued any heatwave warning, temperatures are expected to soar in the coming days.

The city experienced one of the worst heatwaves in 2015 when temperatures reached a staggering 44 degrees Celsius (111 Fahrenheit), killing hundreds from heat stroke and heart-related complications.

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