Twitter wants arrest of Ibsham Zahid for harassing Fatima Aamir

Twitter has been trending with hashtag #ibshamzahidbehindthebars demanding the arrest of Ibsham Zahid for harassing a girl named Fatima Aamir Shaikh with rape and death threats.

Ibsham Zahid, Fatima Aamir
Twitter wants arrest of Ibsham Zahid for harassing Fatima Aamir.

According to the story shared by Fatima Aamir on her Instagram account, the guy named Ibsham Zahid has been harassing her with rape and death threats for some time.

UPDATE: Ibsham Zahid arrested over harassing Fatima Aamir.

In her Instagram post, Fatima Zahid has shared screenshots of messages received from Ibsham Zahid threatening to rape her in front of her family after breaking into her home in Bahria Town.

One of the messages clearly reads:

Abhi bhi appko bol raha hoon meray sath ek night spend kar lein warna 30 hazar mein aajkal Lahore mein qatal ho jatay hay aaisa na hoon appka baa piss dunya say chala jaye

Another message shows Ibsham saying:

My friends were outside in the car waiting for my message with guns loaded but when I saw your father, I told them to go away.

According to Ibsham Zahid, he belongs to a family of criminals and he takes pride in the fact that his father and paternal grandfather are already in prison while his maternal grandfather has told him:

Jail bani he mardo kay liye hay

A video of Ibsham also went viral with him showing guns and ammunition threatening Fatima Aamir that these can be used against her if she doesn’t comply.

However, after the matter went viral on social media, Ibsham Zahid apparently sent Fatima Aamir another voice message telling her that he’s going to Dubai.

Sister of Ibsham Zahid offers explanation

Meanwhile, the sister of Ibsham, Maroosh Minhaj, took to Instagram sharing her side of the story regarding the matter explaining that her brother is mentally unstable and that the family has constantly tried to control him but to no avail.

According to his sister, they have tried getting him the proper medical help but he seemed to have gotten worse and more out of control.

She mentions that her brother has not only been harassing Fatima Aamir but including her own family and it has been very difficult dealing with him and that nobody supports his actions.

Maroosh says that even their father is not supporting Ibsham anymore quoting his exact words:

Acha hai agr usay jail ki hawa lagay, akal theekanay aye gi

She constantly claims that they have made every effort to help him and get him the appropriate help and cannot be blamed for his actions.

Talking about the video Ibsham Zahid made with guns threatening Fatima Aamir, his sister claims that those guns belonged to the bodyguards hired to keep an eye on her brother who made the video while nobody was around putting the guns back in place. However, when the matter came forward, their parents took appropriate action.

Furthermore, Maroosh Minhaj says that she already warned Fatima Aamir about her brother when Fatima’s sister was good friends with Ibsham. However, Fatima Aamir has denied any such action or her sister being “good friends” with him.

Maroosh also mentioned Fatima’s mother threatening her by coming to her university which was denied by Fatima saying that Maroosh misquoted her mother.

According to the sister, her brother Ibsham Zahid has been on trial for the last 8 months and nobody is trying to protect him. However, since he is a minor, this makes the case more sensitive and the authorities are trying best to come up with a solution for him.

Fatima Aamir claims that despite contacting the police numerous times, they have been of little help until just now when the matter went viral publicly.

The matter has been trending on Twitter all day with hashtag #ibshamzahidbehindthebars as people demand action to be taken against Ibsham Zahid for the rape and death threats to Fatima Aamir Shaikh.

These are just some of the reaction:


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