IG Kaleem Imam to remain in office until federal govt decision

According to a GEO news report, the federal government has said that (Inspector General) IG Kaleem Imam is to remain to in office until a decision a decision is made by the federal government.

IG Kaleem Imam
IG Kaleem Imam to remain in office until federal government decision.

This is after a request by the Sindh government by the Sindh government earlier this week where they wrote a letter to the establishment devision asking for the transfer of IG Kaleem Imam and someone else put his is place.

The establishment division said that the request made by the Sindh government was under consideration but IG Imam would remain in his position until they make a final decision.

The Sindh government also suggested names for the replacement of Imam.

Although Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is not supporting this replacement of IG Imam and said that they would challenge his removal in court. PTI is the opposition in Sindh.

Some sources suggest that the establishment division will replace Imam only if the Prime Minister decides and is also against appointing an acting Inspector General (IG).

The request for the replacement of IG Kaleem Imam was made after his unsatisfactory performance and Saeed Ghani, the Sindh Information Minister said that several unlawful acts have been taken in the province under IG Imam.

The PTI government does not support the decision and has said that they would take Sindh government to court for the removal of IG Imam.

Firdous Shamim Naqvi a PTI leader said:

The legal process must be followed if Sindh government wished to remove Imam Kaleem as the top police official of Sindh,


The doors of the court are open for us and for Imam Kaleem as well,

According to the federal government it does fall to the provincial government to change the IGP without consultations.

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