Are India and Pakistan heading for a WAR?

After the Uri Army base attack in Indian Occupied Kashmir things are tensed once again as India blames Pakistan for this attack as well, Not to forget this isn’t the first time Girlfriend India bitching with her boyfriend Pakistan. No matter cylinder explodes in India That’s Pakistan’s job #ISI Remember Mumbai Attack? PAKISTAN, PathanKot Air Base Attack, once again Pakistan and ISI involved, This time India knew that Pakistan going to undress me infront of the world in UNGA, Uri Army base Attack blamed Pakistan.

Indian Air Force is incapable to do anything against Pakistan

India Pakistan War of Words !

Prime Minister of Pakistan grilled India while addressing to United Nations General Assembly in New York when he called Buran Wahi “A Young Leader” obviously India cannot resist that – Remember that Girl friend story earlier I mentioned, Now Indian statement came yesterday ” India has strongly criticised Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly, in which he not only raked up the Kashmir protests, but also hailed Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani”.  Seriously Bitch! 

Yesterday Pakistan Air Force carried combat exercises due to which restricted airspace in Norther Area and on Motorway M2, on which Indian Media been misguiding people ‘In Wake Of Uri Terror Attack, Pak Puts ‘Air Space Restrictions On Self – In this Social Media age I wonder how can you hide and lie so openly LOL !

PAF performs combat exercises almost entire year in different parts of the country and Yes Pakistan Army is fully prepared to respond any offence but unfortunately expert says  “Indian Army is Incapable of wagging war with Pakistan” – LMAO

Now Toilet less nation will say that’s not true well google it :) – Pakistan Army and Pakistanis are ready at any time to defend our sovereignty don’t under estimate PAKISTANIS ever…

There are no signs of WAR between India and Pakistan, Indian forces need to shape themselves before they wage a war meanwhile Pakistan Army is already battling Terrorism Zerb-e-Azb which makes PakArmy far superior.

“So are free to go to your mosques, churches, temples, offices, schools and home”

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Indian Fact Finding Shit ! 

India now has undeniable evidence against Pakistan. Terrorists who attacked Army Camp at Urri had indeed come from Pakistan. Following was recovered from their dead bodies:
– a signed NOC from DG ISI stating “I hereby grant authorization of attacking Urri to these fine gentlemen; Indian Army to please facilitate entry etc”
– an autographed handkerchief presented by Pak Army COAS stating “Best Wishes for Urri”
– besides Pakistani CNIC and passport a signed letter by DG NADRA offering full responsibility for any missing documents
– a receipt bill from Butt Karahi, Gawalmandi, Lahore depicting 2 kilo DESI KUKKAR KARAHI and 8 NAAN consumed 2 days before attack
– Dhobi and Canteen bills from Headquarters ISI Islamabad
– Naswar box with “With love from Bannu” engraving
Pakistani establishment in serious trouble after discovery of these incriminating evidence. Pakistan likely to face international isolation

Dear Indians,

                    First learn to keep your dicks inside your underwear, respect women sort out these issues before you point your dirty finger on Pakistan .

 BTW INDIA is AKA RAPISTAN – 90 years old Raped ! #SHAME 


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