Islamabad allows businesses, malls and churches to open from 19 May

ISLAMABAD: Businesses that include all shops have been given permission to re-open from tomorrow (19 May 2020) according to a notification issued by the District Magistrate Office.

This includes all Islamabad businesses including barber shops, salons and even shopping malls to open all week. The notification further states that churches are also allowed to hold their services but on Sunday only.

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All earlier restrictions and exemptions shall continue to remain in force with some additional exemptions that include:

  • All shops and businesses exempted under the order are allowed to open 7 days a week.
  • Churches, subject to adoption of social distancing protocols (07:00 am to 05:00 pm pm Sunday only).
  • All hair salons,baber shops, parlor are allowed to open subject to adoption of SOPs/Guildlines.
  • All Shopping malls are allowed to open subject to adotion of SOPs/Guidlines
  • All gymnasiums are allowed to open subject to adoption of SOPs/Guidelines.

Owners, Proprietors, Management of the shops will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of SOPs regarding social distancing. Moreover, they would ensure the wearing face masks by their own employees and will also ensure that nobody without face masks enters their shops, whether the seller or buyer. They will ensure proper sanitization and disinfection of their retail shops and malls. In case of any violation, strict action will be taken against the violator.

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Islamabad businesses
Notification regarding opening of Islamabad Businesses.

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