Islamabad to place Ghouri Town Phase 4 & 5 under smart lockdown

ISLAMABAD: The Administration of Islamabad has decided to place two more phases of Ghouri Town under smart lockdown from 26 June 2020 starting 7pm after coronavirus cases emerged from the areas.

According to the notification issued by the District Magistrate Office of Islamabad regarding the Ghouri Town smart lockdown, there will exemptions in case of essential services that include pharmacy / medical stores, grocery stores, bakeries, drinking water supplies or emergency services.

Movement will be allowed to and from these exempted facilities and for medical emergencies where as strict action will be taken against everyone else violating the smart lockdown.

The residents of these areas are requested to make prior arrangements and plan accordingly which includes arrangements for sufficient ration to avoid inconvience.

This is a copy of the notification:

Ghouri Town Smart Lockdown

Earlier, Islamabad Administration also sealed multiple sectors after emergence of coronavirus cases.

Read more: Islamabad to lockdown multiple sectors & Ghauri Town.

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