Islamabad lifts lockdown from G-6, G-7 & G-10 sub sectors

ISLAMABAD: Authorities of Islamabad have lifted smart lockdown from several sub sectors in G-6, G-7 & G-10 from 8 July according to a notification issued by the District Magistrate Office. These areas were previously put under smart lockdown following the emergence of several coronavirus cases in these localities.

Since the smart lockdown was implement in Islamabad G-6, G-7 & G-10, the number of new coronavirus cases have significantly dropped in these areas and the authorities have de-sealed these sub-sectors.

These sub sectors include G-6/1, G-6/2, G-7/2 & G-10/4 and even though these areas have been de-sealed, they will still be regulated by Section 144 and incase of any violations of standard operating procedures (SOPs) strict legal action will be taken against delinquents.

Here is a copy of the notification:

Islamabad lockdown G-6 G-7 G-10

In related news, more areas in Lahore have been sealed today following emergence of several coronavirus cases in the city which is the most affected from the coronavirus pandemic in the province of Punjab.

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