Islamabad to lockdown multiple sectors & Ghauri Town

ISLAMABAD: The Administration of Islamabad will lockdown multiple sectors which include G-6/1, G-6/2, G-7/2, G-10/4 and Ghauri town after several coronavirus cases have emerged from these areas in the last few days according to the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad.

Islamabad Lockdown
Islamabad to lockdown multiple sectors along with Ghauri Town.

UPDATE: A notification has been issued by the District Magistrate Office for the lockdown of the mentioned areas. The lockdown will commence from 24 June 2020 at 7:00pm.

According to the notification there will be exception in case of essentials that include pharmacies and medical stores, grocery shops, bakeries, rationing, drinking water and emergencies.

The Deputy Commissioner Islamabad took to Twitter to share the news saying that over 40 cases have emerged from each of these areas during the last few days along with more than 25 deaths.

This is the notification issued:

Islamabad Lockdown

Earlier Islamabad sealed off G-9/2, G-9/3 (Peshawar Mor) and Karachi Company (G9 Markaz) after several cases were registered from these areas. The lockdown of these areas was further extended by the Islamabad Administration.

Read more: Islamabad extends Peshawar Mor & Karachi Company lockdown.

The smart lockdown is being followed in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus as cases and fatalities keep mounting in the country. The number of cases in the capital have surged to 10,912 while death toll of Islamabad has reached 104.

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