Islamabad seals following areas over coronavirus threat

Islamabad Administration has sealed multiple areas to prevent spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) after multiple cases emerged from these localities according to a notification issued by the District Magistrate Office of Islamabad.

The decision has been taken after confirmation of “COVID-19 test results through line list of NIH and after input and analysis by Epidemiologists of Deputy Commissioner COVID Nerve Centre along with delibrations with the Health departments (DHO, MNSR&C. DG, MCI).

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The Islamabad Administration as a result have sealed the following areas under the Epidemic Disease Act, 1958 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

  • Hawai tech, Saudi Pak Tower, Blue Area Islamabad.
  • Pakistan Sport Board, Islamabad.
  • Street No. 13 C, National Police Foundation, E-11/4, Islamabad.
  • Main Street No.26, Sub Street-110, I-10/4, Islamabad.
  • Street No. 111, G-9/4, Islamabad.
  • Street No. 54, G-7/2, Islamabad.
  • Block No. 6, PWD Colony, Islamabad.
  • Street No 62, G-6/4, Islamabad.

The notification has requested the help of Islamabad Police, Rangers and Pakistan Army to cordon off these areas for public safety.

The following is a copy of the notification:

Islamabad Coronavirus Seals

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