Islamabad seals multiple sub-sectors, issues SOPs

Islamabad administration has sealed multiple sub-sectors including, G-6/1, G-6/2, G-7/2, G-8/1, G-9/2, G-10/4 and G-11/3 for a period of 10 days starting 13 April 2021 due to rise in coronavirus cases being reported from these mentioned areas.

Islamabad seals sectors, islamabad
Islamabad seals multiple sub-sectors, issues SOPs.

Furthermore, the Islamabad administration has also issued new coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the notification issued regarding the orders to seal above mentioned sub-sectors.

According to the notification, all shopping malls, markets, restaurants and offices in these sub-sectors will remain closed during while the smart-lockdown is being observed. There shall also be a complete ban on movement to and from these areas expect one person per vehicle from exempted facilities.

Moreover, there will be complete ban on gathering of all kinds of social, religious and any other purpose at any place throughout the mentioned sub-sectors.

However, the following facilities are exempted from the lockdown:

  • Grocery stores, general / karyana stores, atta chakkis, fruit and vegetable shops, tandoors, petrol pumps and courier companies are allowed to operate 7 days a week from 9 am to 7 pm.
  • All medical facilities, medical stores, laboratories, clinics and bakeries allowed to open 24/7.
  • Milk shops and chicken, meat and fish shops are allowed to open 7 days a week from 7 am till 7 pm.
  • Large departmental stores will only keep their grocery / pharmacy sections open while all others sections will remain closed. They will allow customers to enter stores in smaller groups while fulfilling the condition of social distancing. SOPs devised in consultation with district administration and police shall be strictly complied.
  • Officials of Government departments on duty duly notified by respective departments.
  • Judges, Lawyers and Court staff.
  • Personnel related to Health Services including Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories collection points and Medical stores.
  • Personnel related to Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Personnel related to Essential Services / Offices going to perform their duties or providing essential services.
  • Persons going to buy grocery and medicines within the vicinity of their residence.
  • Necessary / unavoidable religious rites like the last rites, Namaz-e-Janaza, burial and related events.
  • Utility Companies: DMA, Sanitation & Environment Services, IESCO, WASAs, Municipalities, DISCOs and SNGPL.
  • Public and private telecom / cellular companies, their franchises and their customer support center with no public dealing allowed.
  • Call centers with 50% staff and no public dealing allowed.
  • Banks and exchange companies with only essential staff.
  • Takeaway / Home delivery from restaurants.
  • Welfare Organizations providing essential services and free Daster khwans.
  • Media persons authorized by Information Department, newspaper hawkers.
  • Any exemption that may be deemed necessary by the Assistant Commissioner concerned.

The following is the copy of the notification:

Islamabad seals sectors, islamabad
Notification page 1.
Islamabad seals sectors, islamabad
Notification page 2

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