Islamabad taking steps to provide public relief during Ramazan

Islamabad administration is taking several steps to provide maximum relief to the public during the holy month of Ramazan and this includes resolution of complaints, establishment of Tarlai Mandi and Fair Price Shops (Sasta Bazars) across the capital city.

Islamabad Public Relief, Islamabad Complaints, Islamabad City App
Islamabad taking steps to provide public relief during Ramazan.

According to a social media post by the Office of the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, there have been two magistrates appointed to address the complaints of public (citizens) received on social media and other mediums like WhatsApp, Official Helpline and City Islamabad App.

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Furthermore, there have been multiple teams set up to monitor the prices of basic commodities like fruits and vegetables across the city and ensure the availability to the citizens in accordance with the price list issued by the Islamabad Administration.

Moreover, District Fine Collection mobile app has also been launched to assess the performance of all ACs / Magistrates. Now, all ACs / Magistrates are required to enter all inspections related data on District Fine Collection App. The features of the App include location tracking, heat maps and price trends.

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