“Altaf Hussain” A Declared Terrorist

Altaf Hussain’s latest Anti Pakistan and Karachi Separation speech in Karachi went viral on Social Media and Electronic Media for promoting foreign agenda, spreading hatred, threatening, journalists, Army and Media of the Pakistan, seems to be getting the main limelight in Media in Pakistan and Overseas and criticism in Pakistan equally from all the Political parties. Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain had been working on the agenda of foreign powers to weaken Pakistan through promotion of hatred, separation of Karachi demand, using terrorism and by violence. Hussain who was directly involved in hundreds of heinous criminal cases would spare no opportunity to treat people unfairly on linguistic basis. But That’s not it, His Speech raised a major tension in British Parliament and British people who are questioning British Authorities about Altaf Hussain and Why Altaf Hussain is granted the British Citizenship and they want the British Authorities to arrest Altaf Hussain. Among these people is, George Galloway is British politican and the Respect Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West., A  Watch it in the following video.

Let’s have a look on Altaf Hussain’s life:
Altaf Hussain’s a British national who has been sponsoring terrorist activities in Karachi for almost a decade now yet the British authorities have done nothing it. It’s sadly ironic that the same British authorities carried out ridiculous investigations on random Muslims in the UK after the London bombings stating that England isn’t a place which harbors terrorists. Ironic isn’t it? They’ve been allowing Altaf Hussain to reside in London for ages, they have been harboring a terrorist who has ruined Pakistan’s biggest financial city and they can’t even bother justifying this clause. Let me remind them that Altaf Hussain is the man responsible for giving so much height to the term “Muhajirs” when in my opinion this term shouldn’t even exist.

The people we call Mohajirs have more of a right on Pakistan than anyone else as they left their homes, their comfort zone and set out on a long journey towards reaching Pakistan not knowing whether they would make it to their destination. We are all well aware about the violence that took place during the 1947 partition and how lots of people faced obstacles and cheated death in order to cross the border at both sides. Altaf Hussain claims to fight for the rights of “Muhajirs” yet he has brought nothing but violence. You fight for the rights of these people by diminishing this term and by giving them equal opportunities in all aspects not by giving hype to a term that should not exist and creating violence on the basis of it. Altaf Hussain is nothing but a mere creator of violence who cares about nothing but his indulgence of power and authority. Call him a nutter, a psychopath or whatever pleases you but he’s certainly not a freedom fighter.

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