CDA starts charging for Faisal Mosque parking again

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) once again start charging for parking entry fee for the iconic landmark Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

Recently, The Islamabad Mayor resigned about being criticized by the Federal Government, new capital development authority starts charging for parking entry free of Rs. 20/- per vehicle.

CDA starts charging for Faisal Mosque parking again
CDA starts charging for Faisal Mosque parking again

This came as no surprise as in 2016 (INCPak) reported the same issue that the Capital Development Authority touches the lowest levels of morality by charging car entry fee in Faisal Mosque.

Nowhere in the world Mosque parking is charged only in our capital city Islamabad this formula is being applied after people make a mess of the park outside the mosque.

CDA starts charging for Faisal Mosque parking again

The similar issues notified to DC Islamabad about per pair of shoe mentioned is Rs 5 at the mosque but the contractors charging Rs 10 which was resolved later on.

In 2016 August CDA revokes the parking charges as it will cost around Rs 100/- per day for any person who would want to pray 5 times a day in Faisal mosque.

Road Blockades placed at the entrance of Faisal mosque where once Islamabad Police officials were present now contractors are charging Rs 20/- per vehicle.

This is Islamic republic of Pakistan, is government out of cash to manage Faisal mosque after Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) pulling out hands to support Pakistan and lenient toward Pakistan’s enemy number one India.

At least Government and CDA should not be charging for visitors parking those who want to visit Faisal mosque, This sacred place is for worshipping and to Thank Allah for all the blessings unlike other tourist spots in Islamabad.

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