CNG Price in Pakistan – Good News Pakistan

Good News for Pakistanis – The Pakistan government has decided to reduce the price of Compressed Natural gas (CNG) in the country.

According to details, the decision has been made by the government to reduce the prices in all four provinces.

The government reduced the prices of CNG up to Rs 16.11 in Sindh and Punjab which bring down CNG to Rs.55.39 /Kg while Rs 17.63 reduction has been made for Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa consumers which bring down the price up to Rs 58. 72/Kg.

CNG Association fellas are unhappy with this decision while the public is happy about it, Most of the Public Transport across the country is running on CNG, Auto Riskshaw , Taxi , Commuter Vans , Mini Buses. – Expect the reduction in the fares soon.

One of the best decision by the PML-N led government after slashing the petrol prices.

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  1. People in Govt of Pakistan didn’t do anything to bring down price of petrol. Price of petrol fell because it went down in international market, due to lack of demand by its big consumers, like China, etc etc. Govt of Pakistan has little or no control over price of petrol in international market. They follow price dictated by international market.

    1. The initial price of petrol is not more than 58 approx ruppees. Why are we being taxed so much that it is reaching 74 ruppees with constant outages and mixed with God knows what. Secondly, there must be a very political reason that the price of CNG has decreased so low in such short time.

  2. One of the worst decision ever made by the corrupt government. How stupid is the article writer or is the writer an avid supporter of PML-N. Everywhere the petrol prices are dropping and in Pakistan the PML-N has increased the prices by 4 ruppees. What good use is the CNG price reduction to large organizations or people who do not have CNG in their vehicles. These corrupt officials should reduce the petrol price to the original price of approx 58-60 ruppees.

    1. I am not affiliated with any political party, hike of 4 Rs petrol occurred due to the delay in supply from KSA kindly check the facts and figures first, CNG is not imported and I was the first one to write about CNG vs Dollar in Zardari’s era. The case went in supreme court and the prices were slashed.

      I appreciate your comments and welcome your critics as well but that’s just news, Good One indeed !

      1. Well that is good to know that you are not affiliated with any political party. Why is there a delay in supply from KSA. There is someone benefiting from this delay + outage of petrol very heavily. Neither you nor me know the big picture. We just follow what everyone knows. Decreasing the price of CNG and increasing the price of petrol is a very good strategy by this government by diverting the awams mind from petrol to CNG.

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