Golra Rape Case: Brothers Demand Forgiveness For Raping Sister

ISLAMABAD: Golra rape case emerged in the month of March. The three brothers raped their fourteen-year-old sister for over two years. The brothers are demanding forgiveness for raping their sister.

The incident occurred in Golra Islamabad. The police had taken the brothers in custody sent to Adiala Jail.

Advocate Fatima Zara Butt is contesting this case on behalf of the victim. She is fighting this case free of cost.

The Session Judge Islamabad had dismissed the bail petition filed by the three brothers.

This is the case of child sexual abuse and these real brothers are pedophiles having a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. 

It has emerged that now these three pedophile brothers and the rest of the family members of the victims are insisting and forcing the sister to forgive them.

The child is being bribed, being given greed.

Golra Rape Case: Brothers Demand Forgiveness For Raping Sister

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She is being told once she forgave they will give her money and property.

The fourteen-year-old is being coerced to forgive the three monsters for raping her for continuous two years.

Adultery and Zina are Gunah-e-Kabira, unforgivable by the Almighty.

If so there should be no law on earth that forgives such monsters.

Even if the victims forgives for what ever the reason, such sick people must face the consequences on this earth and in their life.

Fourteen-year-old girl who suffered at the hands of her own brothers is in very vulnerable position.

She can easily be forced and threatened.

Hope fully the government and the law of this country takes quick action and speeds up the trial before it’s too late.

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About Golra Rape Case

The Three Rapist Brothers

  • The three brothers are between the age of 22 to 30.
  • One of them is a religious scholar
  • Two others are laborers

The Family

The family consists of five brothers and four sisters. The victims is youngest among all siblings.

The family hails from Bannu and had shifted to Golra, Islamabad for a couple of years now.

The victim had shifted with brothers after the parents died.

FIR Revealed

  • The victim was subject to rape on multiple occasion over a period of two years.
  • The victim was threatened to keep quiet in the name of Quran.
  • The victim was raped in the Religious Seminary.
  • She was first raped by one of the brothers two years ago, who continued to assault her for two weeks afterward.
  • Weeks later another sexually assaulted her three times.
  • And the third one raped her in a religious seminary.
  • She was taken to a religious seminary on her request, when she returned to Golra she stayed at the shrine for four days. She fell ill.
  • She visited her father’s friend who is a doctor for the treatment.
  • When inquired about her disappearance she revealed all about her ordeal.
  • The doctor approached the police.
  • The police reached the clinic and took the statement from the girl.
  • The three brothers had confessed to their crime when they were confronted by the elders present at the clinic.
  • The brothers confessed again during their three-day physical remand.

The three brothers were presented before the court and sent to Adiala Jail on Judicial remand.

The victim was sent to a protection center.

No one should go free for abusing innocent children. The Government and law enforcement agencies must punish such criminals at any cost.

The victims of sexual assault are at a very vulnerable position who can be easily threatened and harmed.

Shame on the family that is forcing and bribing the little girls to forgive the monsters who ruined her life.

Let’s all stay together in support of child victims.

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