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The Lahore resolution was actually adopted on March 24, but officially in Pakistan March 23 is considered the date of its adoption. In 1941, it became part of the Muslim League’s constitution. In 1946, it formed the basis for the decision of Muslim League to struggle for one state for the Muslims.The statement declared:

No constitutional plan would be workable or acceptable to the Muslims unless geographical contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be so constituted with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary.

Additionally, it stated:

That adequate, effective and mandatory safeguards shall be specifically provided in the constitution for minorities in the units and in the regions for the protection of their religious, cultural, economic, political, administrative and other rights of the minorities,

Marked In History, Made The History Lahore Resolution, 23rd March, 1940 – Minto Park Lahore. The Actual Map ( Below ) on which the birth of Ideology turned into reality no longer remained as the dream, This Map never been shown nor majority of the Pakistanis know about it, The muslims Majority was not less than 40 percent of the sub continent British Raj India, on that time the 14 Points by M.A Jinnah were very clear message not to Gandhi but British Raj in sub continent that Unity among Muslim League had grown stronger and Two Nation theory is no longer can be denied, It was purposed by Allama Iqbal Our National Poet and Indian National Anthem Writer but the basis in actual differs by 1947 when Partition took place, Over a million were slaughtered by Sikhs since they wanted their own land as well ( today known Punjab ) Sub Continent has seen more blood shed than all world wars together, before and after partition even today in 2013, Pakistan is struggling nation since majority of the culprits does not want to stabilize this country and been constantly trying to break it.23rdMarch1940How can I blame the Britishers when my own worst enemy lives next to me as a neighbour, keeping hatred and discrimination aside equality , unity , prosperity never been friend of my mother land, where even today villages portrays the image of pre-historic age I wonder where is Humanity where is that courage that spirit that wisdom and the knowledge with which they fought with British Raj.

Come On Pakistan Stand up for yourself !

you are damn too good than billions, Stop being fooled and divide yourself as we believe in one super power Almighty Allah, Accept and admit the Fact This Country is our homeland this is where we belong too and we aren’t going to get anyone take away or mess with our motherland at any cost, I say Pakistan does not have 700,000 standing force but 190 million because each one has the courage to fight from a child till female and all the adults, it is just our weakening democratic dictatorship which didn’t led my nation be strong as it should be. Else I swear There’s nothing on earth which can vanish Pakistan so damn true said by M.A Jinnah.

What does it takes?

I honestly have no words to explain when I think of my motherland Pakistan, I have witnessed the true natural beauty the landscape seen mountains and crossed many rivers, we are truly a blessed nation from the highest of the mountains till the deepest of the sea, Pakistan has everything. Why live with the differences, at times name it or TAG it just to divide each other what good are we going to gain by being in pieces when the Peace is the answer.

Sadly I hate to say, killing and slaughtering has become so common that now media shows it like it’s nothing, while there is no fear of Death and Allah left in the hearts of the believers, we have to understand the magnitude and the intensity of the issues which our country is facing and instead of being Violent we must prefer the unity, I know it is not an easy task specially those who’ve been living in Karachi / Peshawar / Quetta.

If only Pakistanis understand the Geographical location of this country they will no longer need to explained why all this mess and chaos everywhere raged on us, it is just because we hold the most precious location on the planet earth and there are many elements which aren’t happy with it.

Who ever you are no matter what your belief is, if you are belonging to Pakistan than accept the fact that this Country is not colonial state nor dynasty ruling here, we may speak different languages we may appear different from each other our names may differ as so the cast surnames, but under this Flag, on this Nation Anthem our Spirits should be equally owes to this land to make it better Pakistan for the generation to come after us.

Happy Pakistan Day ~ We Are Many But We are One ~

Eastern Melody – Pakistan’s National Anthem

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Farhan Imaan F.Abro 




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