If your vote already cast; Remember ” You can vote again “

There’s lot of confusion regarding the what if our vote is already cast anonymously specially in Karachi where from Malir 100,000 CNIC original were found and recovered while Rangers raid on MQM’s office, so this situation is normal in this jungle.

but I recieved this message which I would like to share with you all and you presiding officer will be at there you can show you thumb that you have not voted and in the list it appears as my Ghost came and voted for me don’t know to whom so you will get a special way to vote, But you can Vote. Read this below




vote info


INCPak is constantly spreading awareness generally we are just concerned with the people to know what is right and how too. Rest it is your own choice, Kindly read other Elections and voting related posts on incpak and even to make it simple you can type anything on google and write incpak in the end you will get the list for Eg ” elections 2013  incpak “

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