INCPak : Wishing you all a very happy new Year 2013

INCPak Team Wishing you all a very happy new year 2013, 2012 been a roller coaster ride, in which hardly we reported any Good News.

Several Thousands died in Karachi in 2012, where asĀ  compared ratio of Drone Attacks in Wazrisitan were less than previous years.

Burma Genocide was the most ignored issue by the media and the United Nation.

Malala got the exposure and the nationality ! Thanks to TTP

3 Cities in Pakistan faced worst terrorism ( Karachi , Peshawar and Quetta ) specificly beside it Youtube got banned.

Let’s hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, since Pakistan Air Force also targetted Militants in Khyber Agency today 31 December, 2012.

Cough Syrup issue is on going, Lahore High Court had the hearing today.

Owais Baig, the young fellow lost his life due to Media’s and Governments proper attention right on time, which was one of the Sad incident took place in 2012 ( Karachi State Life Inssurance Building Fire )

one of the biggest news was CNG !

OGRA and APCNGA will take revenge from the public this year, so lets be prepared, for the alternative fuels, try out Hybrid, E-Gas or Cycle, Karachi faced the worst Gas Load Shedding.

There’s so much which happened 2012 which merely ever can be forgotten, 2013 Pakistan is expecting General Elections and one of the biggest change ever in the History of this country, Politicians confused people as much as possible. Let’s hope Good ahead.

May Allah Bless all !

Happy New Year 2013


INCPak Team


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