Is ‘ Altaf Hussain ‘ Aware of What He’s Saying?

After the recent elections 2013, things aren’t seem to cool down. Politicians are on fire, especially MQM party and Altaf Hussain. After the reality of the party is exhibited on the electronic media. After many videos of rigging in elections were out on every news channel. The PTI protesters gathered in Karachi against rigging in elections in NA250 by MQM. After Karachi and Lahore – PTI workers are now protesting at Judicial Complex in Rawalpindi.

Reacting to rigging allegations hurled at Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in the May 11 polls, Altaf Hussain on Sunday night ‘offered establishment’ to detach Karachi from rest of Pakistan if they do not like the public mandate of his party. Altaf Hussain gave a winning speech to its workers and supporters in Karachi. It was quite shocking to see what he said in his speech which was being boardcast Live throughout the nation. Only in Pakistan a so called leader can use abusive language live on TV and electronic media proudly airs it. He didn’t target any party of Pakistan. He directly targeted the Army of Pakistan. You can see it in the picture attached with this post.  This picture was captured on Live Boardcast of his speech on ARY NEWS. What is trying to say and convey to our Army? Seems quite questionable situation to me.  I believe Pakistan Army should take a strong action against him. He threatens Media, Pakistan, Anchors and Pakistanis.  Govt of Pakistan should contact Interpol for arrest of Altaf Hussain in UK.

"Detach Karachi if establishment can’t accept MQM’s mandate, says Altaf"
“Detach Karachi if establishment can’t accept MQM’s mandate, says Altaf”

“Detach Karachi if establishment can’t accept MQM’s mandate, says Altaf”

He further added,

“I am about to set free my enraged followers if opposition against our party is not stopped,” he added.
“Despite of illegal and unconstitutional delimitation, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf could see rigging in Karachi only,”

Most of areas in Karachi MQM won with huge margin which makes it more doubtable for us to believe in the results of these elections. Eariler todayAltaf Hussain said,

“I felicitate Nawaz Sharif and the people of Punjab from the depth of my heart over PML-N’s success.” said in a press release.

 In Karachi Today, two PML-N workers were killed in a rally for celebrating the success of their party. I wonder how MQM always manages to arrange and maintain peaceful walks, rallies and jalsas. Everyone knows who is responsible for the peace problems in Karachi. Pakistan’s Army and Supreme Court must take a serious action against Altaf Hussain for using such abusive and threatening language against our Pakistan. They should ban him to ever be in Pakistan.

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