Islamabad – An armed man opens fire on Jinnah Avenue

ISLAMABAD: An unknown armed man with an assault rifle straight fire on Jinnah Avenue here on Thursday.

“The man is armed with sub-machine guns  and is with a woman and two children on Jinnah Avenue ”

Soon after the firing, the man and the woman came out of the car and it appeared they wanted to talk to the policemen who had surrounded them. SSP Operations Dr Rizwan started negotiating with the armed man. The woman claimed that the armed man was her husband and that she had no idea what he wanted. Initially, it appeared that she was acting as a mediator between her husband and the police. “The woman asked for a copy and pencil so she could write her demands out,”

The Anti-terror squad personnel have also surrounded the car. The man was identified as Sikandar and is a resident of Karachi,  he had only been in Islamabad for two days. The man demands that Shariah law be imposed in Pakistan as soon as possible and the current government be dissolved. Ambulances have reached the site. “The police is staying clear of the man for he would fire when tried to approach him earlier,” The man fired  while sitting in his car and was seen changing the direction of his car towards the road that leads up to the Parliament House.

 The man has demanded that food be provided to him, Preparations were being made to provide water bottles. The man is intoxicated and unable to communicate properly, says police official. “We can arrest him anytime,” say Islamabad police.

The number plate of Sikandar’s car isn’t real, says Islamabad police. Later the man has handed one of the guns to the woman A contingent of police has reached Sikandar Hayat’s house in Hafizabad. The children have been identified as Farwa and Abdul Malik Kanwal who has completed her MPhil in Economics, has demanded that cell phone credit be provided to her.

Police says she is in touch with an unidentified person. The man has also lived in Dubai Kanwal was reported to be his second wife. Police reports suggest that is a drug addict and is not in a mentally sound condition “The man is often violent to his wife and children,”

Police is trying to retrieve the details of Kanwal’s phone calls.

The policemen have asked Sikandar to let his children and his wife go.“If something happens to me, it will happen to them too,” Sikandar has said.

Kanwal is insisting to talk to SSP Operations Dr Rizwan and no else.Sikandar’s family has locked his house in Hafizabad and has fled MNA Nabeel Gabol has reached the site to talk to Sikandar His wife and children appear to be unperturbed by the occasional firing from Sikandar,Kanwal has demanded MNA Gabol that negotiations be done after giving up arms.

The man was seen firing once again. Sikandar says, “I want to be inside the Parliament. I want to negotiate with Nabeel Gabol and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.”

CNIC of Sikandar has been obtained, as well as his house address.

Jinnah Avenue

Jinnah Avenue

Jinnah Avenue

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