Islamabad – Jinnah Avenue case not solved yet more than 4 hours gone, a single person with holding machine guns threatened the whole Islamabad. Its Pakistan’s yet another biggest serial play has gained Pakistani peoples attention and this is the hottest topic on Pakistan media.

Islamabad – An armed man opens fire on Jinnah Avenue – See more at:

Some questions may rise watching this situation :

1) what’s happening behind the scene ?

2) Are people being made people again like ( Malala case before ) ?

3) Who is supporting that guy (Sikandar) ?

4) Why President & Prime minister off the scene and media ?

5) Nation is being diverted from something “sharky sharky” happening ?

6) Why Nabeel Gabol came to negotiate with this man (Sikandar) is there any link with ?

Jinnah Avenue

Jinnah Avenue

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