ISLAMABAD – NAB official Kamran Faisal’s father Abdul Hameed has categorically rejected his son’s suicide and said that he was killed.

He urged the Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry to take suo motu notice and save the killing of hundreds of other Kamran Faisals.

In an interview with a local TV channel, Hameed said he believed his son was killed by those who were affected by investigation in their cases or would benefit from his killing.
“Kamran Faisal was my only son and was a support in this old age” he said.

He rejected the appointment of judicial commission appointed by the government for investigation or a NAB inquiry into the case dubbing them delaying tactics.

He also denied the assertions by NAB chief that Kamran Faisal had any domestic problems. Hameed however said if there was any pressure it would have been from NAB or the court but Kamran Faisal did not share that with him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Najma of Poly Clinic has revealed that Kamran was a normal person, not psycho-patient.

Dr. Najma is a psychologist at Poly Clinic in Islamabad and her prescription slip was found in deceased NAB officer’s room. That slip created rumors that perhaps Kamran Faisal was a psycho-patient and under treatment of Dr. Najma.

Najma’s revealation that she was not treating Kamran has given a new twist to the mysterious death of NAB officer.

“Only once, Kamran Faisal came for treatment of depression and he was not a psycho-patient. I prescribed few medicines for relaxation not any psychological treatment,” stated Dr. Najma in her written statement to police.

On the other hand, the investigation team has completed statements of nine persons attached with the case.

Chairman NAB Admiral (retd) Fasih Bukhari has said that all officers of the agency are under mantle pressure but Kamran Faisal’s case will be taken up to its natural conclusion.

NAB officers in Lahore continued their pen down strike for the third day on Wednesday.



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