Lay’s latest flavor hits the road, city by city

Multan Night“Lay’s Herbs and Yogurt is my favorite flavor of all time”, joyously claims my 10 years old sister as she notices a billboard in Islamabad showcasing Lay’s newest flavor. As Lay’s Herbs and Yogurt enters the market with a bodacious TVC starring two legends, the latest Lay’s interactive campaign aims to keep Pakistan green and clean along with a widespread outdoor promotions throughout Pakistan to promote, engage and celebrate the message of a cleaner and greener Pakistan.


Lay’s sparkling outdoor promotion for its latest flavor with a tagline ‘There’s a new flavor in town’ featuring legendary cricketer 9th Avenue (Islamabad)Wasim Akram and legendary footballer Lionel Messi is definitely the eye candy everyone seeks. It doesn’t stop there, Lay’s have dropped the newbie on store shelves all across the nation and have won the heart of public. The stakes are high that the new flavor is here to stay.


Yogurt and Herbs, yes! Mixing the tales of two impressively indigenous foodstuffs Yogurt and Herb definitely stuck a cord with Pakistanis. Yogurt is one of the most consumed, best known and most popular foodstuffs around the world, blending it with nutritious and fabulous tasting Herbs is a complete package of delightful flavor and a lovely hint of freshness. The new lay’s potato chips flavor leaves an everlasting taste in your month that yeans for more! Try it yourself, if you don’t believe me.



The new flavor definitely has a glaring gap in my food knowledge that I can’t imagine will be filled any time soon.


What is your take? Is it exactly the same as mine? Have your tried the new flavor yet?

Lay’s is coming to your city, watch out!

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